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PCI-Express Serial ATA II Controller Card (1-Ext, 1-Int. Ports)

7.1 Surround Sound Digital/Analog PCI-e Audio Card


Product Info
  1. Inputs:
    1. CD-IN 4-pin Header (Signal: L-G-G-R)
    2. CD-IN 4-pin Header (Signal: G-R-G-L)
    3. Mono Microphone
    4. S/PDIF Optical (Connect to S/PDIF Optical Output of Another Audio Device)
    5. Analog Left/Right Line-in
  2. Outputs:
    1. Front Left/Right Analog
    2. Side Surround Left/Right Analog
    3. Center/Subwoofer Analog
    4. Rear Surround Left/Right Analog
    5. S/PDIF Optical (Connect to Digital Amplifier or Surround Sound Decoder)
  3. Based on VIA VT1723 Envy24DT Multi-channel Audio Controller
  4. Based on VIA VT1618 8-channel AC'97 Codec
  5. Complies with AC'97 Specification, Revision 2.3
  6. Complies with PCI-express Base Specification Rev. 1.1
  7. Sampling Rate up to 24-bit and 48KHz for both Playing Back and Recording
  8. Supports Swapping of Center and LEFT audio Output Channel
  9. Integrated De-pop Function for Eliminating Pop Noise During PC Power-up and Shutdown
  10. Dimension: L 7 x W 5.5 x H 1.5 inch
  11. Weight: 0.5 lb
  12. UPC: 810154017959

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System Requirements
  1. Windows 7 32-/64-bit
  2. Windows Server 2008 32-/64-bit
  3. Windows Vista 32-/64-bit
  4. Windows Server 2003 32-/64-bit
  5. Windows XP 32-/64-bit
  6. Windows 2000
  7. Windows ME
  8. Windows 98SE

Hardware Requirement
  1. PC computer with PCI-Express (X1) Slot

  1. Multi-Channel Sound Card
  2. Daughter Card
  3. 10-pin Flat Cable 11" Long
  4. User Manual
  5. Driver/Utility CD

Part Number
  1. SD-PEX63034

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