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PCI-Express Serial ATA II Controller Card (1-Ext, 1-Int. Ports)

Connectland™ USB/1394a Car Charger

CEFCC 1394



Product Info
  • • USB and FireWire Car Charger
    • Use your car to charge any devices (digital camera, PDAs, mobile phones, USB accessories and many more) that can rely on USB or 1394a FireWire for power.
    • Just plug the USB/1394a car charger in the cigar lighter of your car.
    • Connect your USB/1394a device to the USB car charger.
    • Remove the USB/1394a car charger when it is not in use as some cars may still provide power to the socket even when the ignition is off.
    • Input Voltage: 12V ~ 24V, 2A, 24W ~ 48W
    • USB Output Voltage: 5V, 500mA, 2.5W.
    • 1394a FireWire Output Voltage: 12V, 500mA, 6W.
    • UPC: 3700237602714



  • USB/1394a Car Charger.

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