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PCI-Express Serial ATA II Controller Card (1-Ext, 1-Int. Ports)

Connectland™ Slim Notebook Cooler Pad




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• Ultra Slim Notebook Cooler Pad
Ultra slim and compact notebook computer cooler.
Quite built-in 7 x 7 x 1.5 cm fan.
Powered by USB port.
USB cable storage compartment.
Compatible with most notebook computers from 12” to 17”.
Black color, USB 2.0 interface, compatible with USB 1.1.
Draw notebook's heat away and exhausts the heat through a slot.
Reduce the overall temperature of your notebook.
Convenient, reliable & comfortable to carry.
No extra driver needed for installation.
Input voltage: 5V DC
Current voltage: 0.13A
Power Consumption: 0.7 W
Fan speed: 2300 rpm
Noise lever: 20db
Dimension: 32 x 10 x 2.15 cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 260 g
UPC: 3700237602776

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