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PCI-Express Serial ATA II Controller Card (1-Ext, 1-Int. Ports)

Connectland™ USB Battery Charger




Product Info

• USB Battery Charger for Emergency Power Need, 4x AAA Batteries

• Idea for travel
• A solution for the unexpected power shortage
• Acts as an emergence power supplier or changes a 5V, USB connector device as found on mobile phones, PDAs, etc...
• Compact and portable
• Works with 4 AAA batteries, rechargeable or non rechargeable (use the same kind of battery)
• Simply slide down the front battery cover and install 4 x AAA batteries (not included)
• Slide the switch to ON and the Battery Box is ready to work
• UPC: 3700284605263



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  • USB Battery Box.

Part Number
  • CL-DX-P111


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