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PCI-Express Serial ATA II Controller Card (1-Ext, 1-Int. Ports)

17” Ultra ATA 100/133 IDE Cable

WindowsVista Windows WindowsXP


Product Info
• 17 Inch Ultra ATA 100/133 IDE cable with silver color
• The length is 17 inch.
• Cables are labeled to ensure proper connection between the system board, master and slave
• Cables take up less area thereby reducing the clutter and allowing for better air flow
• Made of flexible rubber sheathing of various lengths which eliminates the need to relocate devices
• Dimension: 2.5x11.5x1.5 Inch
• Weight: 4.1 Oz
• UPC: 810154011537


  • 17 Inch Ultra ATA 100/133 IDE cable

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